DURABLOT is a line of products developed by professionals specialized in the area of ​​lubrication and friction of metals, produced by Dimetil Chemical, a 30 years plus company being responsible for lubricants and fuel of high quality. Our products brings outstanding results in the lubrication and conservation of equipment such as bearings, chains, ratchets, derailleur, cables and cranksets.

A complete line of lubricants developed to meet the market’s needs in this area, made to the most demanding of use and climatic and terrain conditions. Durablot MAX for extreme conditions, Durablot PRO for cyclists and regular use and maintenance equipment, Durablot WAX with a clean lubrication based on wax e Durablot GREASE for the lubrication of internal components. We have a complete line of lubricants for every weather or pedal style need.

With a modern design, designed to make it easier for users to understand, their bottles, labels, banners, leaflets, stickers and displays are a great attraction to boost sales, with clear and easy information, striking colors. It highlights their qualities and characteristics, attracting the attention and interest of consumers. A great look to increase display windows and store shelves.

Our 100% Brazilian technology was extensivelly tested and approved by bicycle professionals , mechanics and cyclists and exceeds most demanding international standards of lubrication, conservation, durability, visualization, presentation and sales.

DURABLOT is a new lube choice that has come to win the most demanding customers and grow without limits and borders, designed to serve consumers, shopkeepers and modern equipments in a good product,price and great results.