Durablot WAX

Produced based on wax, water and the most modern lubrication technology, indicated for dry climate and moderate rain.

It is a clean and ecological wax, able to avoid the formation of excessive grease, causing the impression of an always new and well lubricated equipment.

Biodegradable, it does not pollute the environment nor its consciousness. Great for those who do not want dirt and care about regular maintenance.


Durablot MAX

Very sturdy and durable, it is ideal for everyday use and little maintenance. It does not go out in the water, being indicated for rainy climates, not allowing the rust to install.

It has anti-corrosion agents, which provides the preservation of equipment that is a long period of downtime.

It is a great choice for those who do not want to worry about lubrication and maintenance regularly.


Durablot PRO

Developed to avoid the maximum friction and accumulation of dirt in the chains, ratchets, derailleur, cables and cranksets.

It has non-stick PTFE (poly Tetra fluoride ethylene) that creates a water-resistant protection film, reducing particle adhesion and increasing the life of the mechanisms.


Durablot Bike Grease

For application in all bearings, central movements, derrailleus, cables, and wheels.

NO Lithium, so it does not cause dryness of plastics and rubbers.

It is very water resistant and friction actions with excellent scrolling and lubrication.

Maintains it’s characteristics even with high temperature and dirty environments.

Top-quality grease specially developed for bikes.